GreeneLAN Consulting offers a variety of computer consulting and networking services.

OVER 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCEOur Services include:

When you need a home for your site, trust a reliable provider. greenelan consulting is that provider.

Not everyone is "internet savvy". Don't be concerned, we can assist you with the complete setup.

GreeneLAN Consulting gives you a personal touch that other providers just cannot offer.

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  • Windows & Unix Plans
  • Five Free Email Addresses
  • Anonymous FTP
  • eCommerse / Merchants
  • Web Site Builder
  • Web Site Statistics
  • SQL Server, MySQL DBs
  • and more...

Up-to-date technology and a commitment to excellence are important us.

With security being so critical now, we place most of our efforts on remaining safe and secure.

Customer satisfaction is our bread and butter. We are successful when you are successful.